Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mexico Trip Christmas Break 2014-2015, Day 5, Russ

  Sitting here reflecting on this weeks activities, I feel the need to share some uplifting thoughts.

  Sunday evening, while sharing from God's word in John 13:1-20, I was reminded that Jesus showed us the perfect picture of leadership through servitude. It was interesting to note that not only did the creator of the universe humble himself to take on the menial task of a servant to wash the disciples feet, he did so after just hearing his them argue over who was the greatest among them. And if that wasn't enough, while explaining his actions, he predicts a betrayal, and then washes the feet of his betrayer! If only more of us could learn from this.

  Over the next several mornings we had personal devotions in Luke 10:25-37, its interesting that in the parable of the good Samaritan, when the lawyer asks "...what shall I do to inherit eternal life?", he is not pleased with Jesus' answer, seeking justification for his own actions. We see here that Christ uses a different method of "evangelizing". He doesn't tell the lawyer directly what to do for salvation, he tells a story for him to "work out his own salvation". Expert knowledge of the law does not lead to obedience. Perhaps I should learn from this example as well.

  And finally, I must admit, it is a rare occurrence for me to start every morning for a week in prayer with a group such as this. Our entire team has began each day in group prayer sessions in the sanctuary. I am a slow waker, so hearing everyones heart go out to God has started me off as well as anyone could hope for. What a great team building and bonding experience this has been! I would encourage any who could to get involved with short term missions, going or prayerfully/financially sending.

With love from Mexico,

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