Monday, April 28, 2014

La Biblioteca, Billy and Sarah

Our trip to Matamoros is fast approaching, so it seems good to tell you a little more about it!

While every mission trip is full of more opportunities for ministry and adventure than we even anticipate, the main focus of this trip will be visiting drug and alcohol rehab centers. During the last trip that Psalm 67 made to this area they had several opportunities to visit, and discovered a great hunger for discipleship. Billy and I will have the exciting honor of recording this experience!

Distributing Bibles, December 2012
One way that we hope to bless the people that we meet is through a small Theological Library. The people in these centers are hungry for truth, and we would love to bless some (or all) of them with a solid resource in their own language. Our dream is to build the bookshelves as a team effort and supply them with books that can teach when we are far away.

Each library will cost approximately $130 to build, including bookshelves, which I thought was remarkable! If you would like to be a part of this ministry you can give any amount by clicking HERE. Just specify in the memo that this is for the "May - Theological Library".

If you are unable to give financially, please remember us in your prayers! If we're able to do anything without them, we won't be doing anything of value.

Dios te bendiga!

Billy & Sarah

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Exciting Adventure In Sight, Ellie Jackson

I’ve applied and was accepted for another trip to Matamoros Mexico, to the same church I went before—and can you believe it, I’m even more excited this time! (Which says a lot!)

During my first dive into Mexico, I was able to see the depths of potential, but I didn’t reach them. Specifically in two areas:

First, I didn’t volunteer myself like I might have, had I been in my comfort zone. I wasn’t looking for opportunities to step into the awkward to do some good. And I saw opportunities slip by me and I didn’t seize them. I know a second mission trip isn’t going to break me of my comfort-zone-barrier, but I’m going to put forward a better effort.

Second, I came home with the enormous task of “I must write absolutely everything front to back, and right now!” I failed, obviously. Few articles were written about the amazing experience I had and the inspiring people I met. I credit that mainly to the weight I gave myself. The enormity scared me out of it and it never got done for fear of having it done wrong. Later I did write some of it out in my journal so that I would always have it, but it never got out to the church that prayed and supported me through the mission trip. Again, it won’t be perfect this time, but I’m making it a particular goal to write these things out, and to begin while I’m there. During the last mission trip that Psalm 67 Missions Network made I heard many, “It was incredible.”s and “I’ve never seen anything like it.”s, but I didn’t hear a lot about what “it” was. I want to write that for you. I only have my skills, but I’ll stretch me as tight as I know how to document this trip.

Once more, I plead for your prayers. Exiting my comfort zone is not my strength, neither is discipline or patience. But my strength is loving people, and I want to put that into full use on this mission trip, even when loving looks and feels silly.
The trip is between May 22nd and May 31st, and until then I will be raising support, both prayer support, and financial support. I will also be working in improve my Spanish, as hopeless as that seems.

Like I said, I’m incredibly excited. We expect the Lord to do amazing things through this trip.

If you feel led to support me financially, you actually can online now, by going to my profile: But I want your prayers even more than that. Prayers that God will give me a godly attitude and skillful hands.

In Christ's love,
Ellie Jackson