Psalm 67 Suriname - South America

Our Journey to Suriname

The Lord gave Michael a burden for reaching Hindus with the Gospel after a trip to India in 2001. This was his first experience in missions. He stayed in India for two months, and witnessed to all kinds of people: Hindus, Muslims, Jains, etc.

Michael & Erin met as counselors at a youth camp the same year. They began corresponding after Erin graduated with her Masters in Speech & Language Pathology in 2003. That same year, Michael asked Erin to marry him, and told her that he desired to serve as a missionary, and so could end up anywhere in the world. Erin also desired to serve the Lord with her life, so she agreed to both.

Michael & Erin married on May 15, 2004. They served Grace Baptist Church of Blackduck in rural, Northern Minnesota for four years, and even served some Native Americans on the nearby reservation. Meanwhile the desire to serve as missionaries was growing. A good friend Trevor Johnson encouraged them to look into World Team with whom he served.

They went for World Team’s assessment twice (2007 & 2010), and were accepted the second time. World Team gave the Pfleegors a few suggested fields, including Suriname. Because this ministry was a pioneering work (i.e., giving the Gospel to unbelievers for the first time, forming churches & beginning to train indigenous leaders), and a work among Hindus, the Pfleegors thought it fit well with the gifts & desires the Lord had given them. After a couple short trips, they both agreed that they felt like they didn’t want to leave Suriname.

In Suriname, the Pfleegors will work closely with Gurudatt & Nadira Shiwdat, former Hindus from Guyana, Suriname’s neighbor. They’ve been serving in Suriname for over 20 years. The ministry will focus on planting reproducing churches among the Hindustani people (originally from India), among whom less than 1/3 of 1% are Evangelical Christians.

The Pfleegors are currently looking for churches & individuals to partner with them to reach the Hindus in Suriname by prayer, financial support & visits. They have 80% of their outgoing funds (the one-time expenses of moving there, getting settled & learning the language) and 25% of their regular support (their regular salary & ministry expenses). Psalm 67 Missions Network is helping them reach Suriname, and will send groups & interns to work with them in the future. Their goal is to go to pre-field training in January or July of 2014, and then move to Suriname by the Spring or Summer of 2014.

For more information contact the Pfleegors by phone, (314) 315-2607, or email, Thank you.