Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday is for Missions

During the 2013 December mission, our team was able to share the Gospel in various locations throughout a city in Northern Mexico. Some of those locations included drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, etc. Some were shocked to find that those people in those areas lacked clothing that would keep them warm during an extraordinarily cold winter. They also found that many in these institutions were seeking The Lord.

In one specific institution it was obvious that the participates had essential food items, but lacked many of the items that you and I would consider fundamental to daily life. There was need for clothing, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, etc. Some in these facilities lacked a copy of the Scriptures which were provided to them at the visits.

All of this being said, the Pastor with whom we work will be starting a weekly Bible study for the men who are leaving the past of many different ways of being involved with drugs. Some items should not be mentioned here for safety reasons. We have been asked to ask you to pray.

Pray for this new work that will be done under the authority of a Bible-believing, New Testament Church. Pray that The Lord would supply workers in this area. Pray for the salvation of those who will hear the message. Pray that needed ongoing funds will be provided to purchase study materials, Bibles, and other needed items for this ministry.

Praise The Lord!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

End of January 2014 Updates

Tonight our December 2013 missions team will be conducting our debriefing meeting. In addition to sharing food together (authentic Mexican food), there will be sharing of testimonies, praying, singing, laughing, crying, and all of that other stuff. Here at Psalm 67 we would like to thank each and every one of you who gave sacrificially and prayed for this team.

Our bi-monthly missions leadership meeting is scheduled for next month. At this meeting we will be discussing, among many other items, the plans for short-term missions in 2014, church planting efforts, and new work that has been started through the December 2013 missions team.

On March 15 will be the summer missions information meeting. This meeting is going to be designed for those interested in participating in by going as well as those interested in praying for and financially supporting those who go. We have not nailed down the location as of yet. The meeting will most likely be in the evening on that date and will last approximately two hours. More information will be available soon on

Let the Nations be glad in Jesus!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter Mission Trip, testimony

Hello, my name is Ismael Bartolomé Julián. I am 15 years old. I am living and study in Kingsville, Texas, at the Presbyterian Pan American School, but my parents and my younger brother are living in the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas. I am a Mexican and I was born in Córdoba in the Veracruz state.
The purpose of writing this is to share my testimony with the mission group “Psalm 67 Missions Network.” I am a Pastor's son, and we received this amazing group two years ago. That first time was when I met with this ministry, and, most of all, Brother J. Aaron Sutton, who is an special son of God. I also met with Rick Clausel, Russ and Anita Sanders, Craig Kopp, Abigail Davis, Ellie Jackson, Gennie Jackson, and Sarah and Billy Jackson. That was a wonderful time, and I learned a little bit of English. 

The second time was this last year, 2013, in December, and I met with amazing brothers and sisters: Barbara Fudge, Julia Grayson, Mark Akins, Savannah Weber, and again Brothers Russ, Rick and Aaron. These two groups have been a blessing to our church, and I think, especially for me, because they have taught me many things, like from the most common thing as how to walk on mud, to inviting people to the church, to speaking English. 

The first time, I did not know very much English but I tried translating with my low label of English. This second time I already knew more English, because I have had a half year in this school, in where I am today.
Learning English has been a really hard experience for me, because you are far away from your family and you do not know anything about the people, the food, the nation, the education and all of that. But thanks to God, I have been overcoming those struggles. 

This last time, I was able to translate, but not completely. I think that I have to learn more, this was a great blessing and experience for me.
Clearly, I can say that the hand of God is working through each brother and sister that I met. While this last group was in our church, we visited rehabilitation centers for drug addicts, the Juvenile Detention Center and two dining homes for children that does not have food for eat. 

We witnessed many testimonies of how God has changed radically the people's lives, from being a drug addict on the streets to be a priest of the God´s Word.
All of that week was to get up at 7:30 to go bed at 11:30 and once at 1:30, paying games, talking about our testimonies and having a great fellowship.
I am very thankful with each member of the mission group Psalm 67. You all have taught me a lot, and I testify that God is working strongly with each one of you. It was a pleasure to play my violin with brother Rick, and translating for you my appreciate “gabachos”. I hope that it will not be the last time. 

Finally, I want to end with the key verse of Psalm 67: “That Your Way May Be Known on Earth, Your Saving Power Among All Nations.” Psalm 67:2
I give thanks to God for these two experiences and for each one of your lives.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Summer Missions 2014

Having just finished a week in Mexico, we are already praying for and planning the mission opportunity that we will have this coming summer. We would like to share with you a little more about some "distinctives" when you partner with us.

Discipleship of all involved - A significant distinctive with mission work through Psalm 67 will be an intentional effort to provide ongoing discipleship prior to departure, during the time together, and also follow up. We want to lead others in thinking differently about what is commonly referred to as a "mission trip." Oftentimes the mentality behind "short-term missions" is the gathering of talented, oftentimes more economically-sound individuals to go to an area where there is a lack of both. The idea behind this is to go and do for others. This is not something we wish to accomplish.

Our team leaders desire to take others who need to be discipled and trained (which includes anyone) to work alongside those that need the same. Training is offered to all of those involved. Bible study, exhortation, prayer, singing, sharing meals, etc. all take place as a priority. We desire a fellowship between those "visiting" and those "hosting." We desire to work with those that are receiving a mission team rather than working "for them." There is a significant difference here.

All of that being said, we are looking for individuals that will be a part of this US based mission team along the border. We are looking for those whom God is calling to grow in a week or so of discipleship. This week of discipleship will allow you to serve as the student as well as leading out in different areas using some of your own gifts and talents to bless others. Would you make this a matter of prayer? We are looking for a team of about 7-8 people and we will be posting more information later this month and throughout the month of February.

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Let the Nations Be Glad!

God be gracious to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us that Your way may be known on the earth, Your salvation among all nations.”
Psalm 67: 1-2

Psalm 67 is about missions! It’s a cry for God to bless us. But unlike so many who cry today for God’s blessing, the Psalmist is not thinking only of himself. He has a much greater goal in mind. He prays that God would bless us and be with us so that through us the nations might hear and know and worship God as He deserves to be known and worshiped!
As I think about that, I realize that this has always the motive behind God’s blessing. God does not bless his people so we can hoard that blessing to ourselves. He blesses us so that we might be a link in the chain of events He intends to use to bring a blessing to others – and especially to bless them with the Gospel of Christ.
What was it He said to Abraham when he called him to leave all and follow Him by faith? He said, “I will bless you and you will be a blessing and all nations on earth will be blessed through you!” (Gen 12:3) Think about that. God doesn’t bless us so that we can look in the mirror and say, “Gee, isn’t it great to be blessed?” God blesses us so that other nations and people we’ve never met may be blessed through us! And how will they be blessed? By hearing and responding to the Gospel of Christ that we preach and bring to them as we send and go as missionaries into the world!
That’s why I like to say that Psalm 67, in addition to being one of my own personal favorite Psalms, is at heart a missionary Psalm! It is a call for us as Christians to realize that everything God is doing in our lives today and every day, all His rich blessings of grace, all the advantages he has let us enjoy as “wealthy” Americans is for this one great purpose: to make His glory known and to enable us to carry the news of His glory (the Gospel!) to the ends of the earth so that,....”all the peoples” and “all the nations” everywhere may hear and be glad in Him!
So let the nations be glad!

God blesses us, so that all the ends of the earth might fear (and worship) Him! (Psa 67:7)
Pastor S Scott Lee

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Report from Christmas Break

It is not possible to really describe exactly how much The Lord blessed us over Christmas break. We would like to thank everyone who prayed, gave, and worked together over the past couple of weeks! To start off we would like to provide the following information to you.

During this past week we conducted a medical clinic and saw approximately 40 people total. We prayed with individuals, shared the Gospel with them, handed out literature all while looking after their physical ailments. We saw a response from the community as some came back to give testimony later that night how The Lord had blessed them. We also preached the Gospel in rehabilitation centers and a Juvenile Detention Center. We heard testimony from former cartel executioners of how they came to faith in Christ and how they repent of their past and desire now to walk with Christ. We saw several people make public professions of faith in Christ. Several believed that The Lord had called them to preach and so we provided theological resources to them and prayed with them. We conducted a small VBS and children memorized many memory verses. It was truly a blessed time!

These details only capture a small glimpse of the total scope of the mission work. Please visit the website again that we might share the testimony of our team members.

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