Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Break Update

We are exactly one month away from our scheduled departure toward the US/Mexico border to partner with a mission congregation in Mexico. This has been a unique experience for us because this has been a time of exciting growth and cooperation. First, as an organization, we have additional partners that are sharing the load of the responsibility for leading and praying. Second, this will be our first time partnering with this particular congregation and our first time in this particular area.

We have asked Pastor Candido how we can specifically pray for him and the rest of the congregation. Some of the items that he shared included:
  • That there would be growth of the members and leaders of the congregation
  • That the team coming would be safe and unified.
  • That there would be a great success in sharing the Gospel in the community outreach efforts as well as during the New Year's services.
In addition to these items, we humbly ask that you would pray concerning some additional urgent needs.
  • Our team has a financial deadline today. At last check, we are approximately $1300.00 short of our needed support level.
  • The meeting building for the congregation needs a new roof, a functional restroom, paint, and a wall dividing the educational space. We have people on our team that can work in this area, but this approximately $700.00 USD project is not included in our budget.
Please make this items a matter of prayer. If you are able to assist with meeting the financial needs we ask respectfully that you do so only after your current responsibilities, including your commitment to your local congregation are met. You can click on the "donate" section on the upper right-hand side of this blog post in order to donate electronically. You can e-mail us at or give us a call at 636.224.8811 for additional information.

Please pray for our leaders that are working directly with Pastor Candido and the congregation in Mexico. You can check back here or follow us on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter for additional updates.

Partnering with you that Christ might be glorified among the nations!

Psalm 67 Missions Network

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 2012 Update

November 13, 2012

Dear partners,

Last month, our transitional board approved the following mission statement to represent the overall direction and desire of Psalm 67 Missions Network (PS67MN):

By God's mercy and blessing on His people, Psalm 67 Missions Network seeks to assist the church in making Christ known among the nations by making disciples in word and in deed to the praise and glory of His grace.

In the coming months we will be sharing with you the specifics of how we believe that The Lord is leading us to do this through short-term missions, long-term missionary appointments, and through other partnerships with congregations.

Last night was the scheduled leadership meeting to review a few items. It is our joy to share these items with you and ask that you please pray!

Mission Trip - Christmas Break 2013
We have been asked by a small mission congregation just outside the US border in Matamoros, Mexico. The purpose of the trip will be to partner with this congregation in their efforts to conduct a "Christmas Break" Bible School for all ages, assist them with light construction on their building, and distribute evangelistic literature around the area. We will be preaching and leading music. We ask that you would please pray for our team members that they might raise the funds that they need. We would also ask that you pray for Pastor Candido and his family. They have been discouraged by the situation in Mexico and they are really looking forward to us working with them. This team will leave December 26, 2012 and will return January 3, 2013. We invite you to monitor the trip via our social media pages and/or our blog.

We would like for you to pray specifically concerning the fact that each person will be raising part of the support for the group to go. Part of our meeting last night we reviewed the number of people attending. We noticed that in order to make this trip happen and cover the expenses, we will need a approximately an additional $1000.00 US. Would you pray about this with us? We will need to raise approximately half of that within the next two weeks. If you have questions about this, please contact Debbie Ferrell at or by calling her at (314) 602-3827.

Spring Break 2013
The Kurt Warner "First Things First Foundation" has asked us again to apply for a  scholarship to assist with costs for a US, service-based mission trip. We have three locations that have asked and we are considering for Spring Break 2013. We are asking you to pray concerning this effort as to whether or not you, or someone you know might participate in this effort.

Family of Prayer
One of the desires that we have is to form a committed team of individuals that we can count on to pray for the work of PS67MN. Right now we are seeking the right person to partner with us to organize this and to keep others informed on the prayer needs of those who work with us.

You can find out more information about other work of Psalm 67 Missions Network on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. You can also receive our news updates by subscribing to our e-mail list at by sending a request to

Thank you again for your ongoing prayer and support!

Psalm 67 Missions Network

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Break Mission Trip

Thank you to everyone who registered for the mission trip to Tamaulipas, Mexico this Christmas Break. We will be sending out updates and further information early next week. Information will be sent to the e-mail address you included on your application.

If you are interested in financially supporting someone on this trip, please contact us at or by calling 636.224.8811.

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