Saturday, March 22, 2014

Team Mexico Update - Theological Library

During our work in December our team visited and shared the Gospel in various locations that were programs for those who have been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. These moments were powerful and brought to our attention some great needs. We asked the directors to list some of their greatest needs and their responses were shocking. We found that there were many that expressed a desire to be discipled, many who professed faith in Christ, and they wanted someone to teach them. Second to that was they desired to have access to resources that would help instruct them in their journey as a believer. Now, some facilities needed clothing for the individuals and some said that food donations would be very helpful but they were clear that their greatest need was discipleship.

Here we are in May. Our team is preparing to work with our partner congregation in Mexico to provide a week of discipleship training and part of what we would like to do is to create a theological library to leave at each of these locations. Even if we could just place a small library in just one, this would be a start. So, we are in the process now of selecting what resources we would like to leave with them, checking their availability, and we would like for you to pray with us. Our hope is to build a bookshelf with the residents and stock the shelves with books that have been helpful for believers for years. Would you pray for us that God would provide and that we would have discernment in selecting these resources?

As a matter of praise...we are delighted to see the growing number of sound theological resources available in the Spanish language. We pray that this number will continue to grow along with the access that others have to these resources!

If you or your congregation would like to contribute to the theological libraries, you may do so by clicking on "Make a one time donation" and specify in the memo "May - Theological Library."

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

May Mission Team Updates

Earlier this year we were asked by a partner congregation in Mexico if Psalm 67 would be able to work with them in a evangelistic effort this May. Our missions board made this a matter of prayer and gave a resounding "amen" to this effort and now we would like to share with you some of the details and bring you up to date.

We are looking at a group of approximately 12 individuals that will coming from the US to work alongside brothers and sisters in Mexico and co-labor in sharing the Gospel in the streets, substance abuse rehabilitation centers, centers of detention, etc. In addition to this our multinational team will work in discipling young adults that will be gathering together to work with us. We have a desire to conduct a medical clinic as well as provide a "theological libarary" for some of the above mentioned facilities. In December we found many believers in these areas and they do not have access to sound, Biblical teaching on an ongoing basis.

We would ask that you would pray with us as we are in the process of selecting the team members. We currently have more people interested in going than we have places for them to serve. This is a wonderful problem to have! We are asking The Lord for discernment in selecting those whom He would have go. Secondly, we are asking for some who cannot go to help serve as a financial partner to make it possible for others. Each team member will need to raise approximately $475.00 for their part in the mission. In addition to this we will need to help raise support for the theological library, medical clinic, and perhaps a light construction project.

We will keep you updated on here as well as through our social media accounts. Thank you, as always, for praying!

Psalm 67 Missions Network

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