Saturday, June 30, 2012

Update on some items

We just received a good report from our summer missions intern, Billy Jackson. Thank you to everyone who participated in two recents projects. Billy was able to purchase a bike which will allow him to get around and use less fuel. Thank you so much for your help with this. We were also able to purchase a Bible and a family devotion book for a family with whom he has been working.

Pray for Billy as he will be serving as a summer camp counselor next week and then will return back to St. Louis the following week. He is part of our summer missions team that will serve along the border the last week of July.

Please continue to pray for the mission work along the US/Mexico border and specifically that the Lord would continue to send missionaries to this area.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Update from Christian Brandon - US/Mexico Border

Thank you for everyone who has been involved and is currently involved in the mission work along the US/Mexico border. Here is a testimony and update from team member Christian Brandon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mission Updates

Summer Missions Update (From the border)
Here are some prayer requests and updates from the mission field along the US/Mexico Border.
  • Pray for power as Billy Jackson is meeting with several different families, working through all the sin-issues and pointing people Christ. He could also use a bike to help save on gas!
  • Two young men currently are being challenged to read the Scriptures and consider what is being said. They are also helping a local congregation by doing cleaning and other tasks. We would like to provide these young men with Study Bibles in Spanish. Each would cost about $35.00. We woud also like to provide a family with a devotional book that would teach them the Scriptures. (Approximately $25.00).
  • There is also a great need for solid reading materials in the language of the people (Spanish).
  • Billy is going to be meeting with Mormon missionaries and discussing the Scriptures with them. Please pray for boldness in love, grace, and truth, with great humility and compassion.
  • In July it has been requested that Aaron marry a couple who have been together and have many children. Pray also for effective times of counseling (via video) leading up to this event.
  • Billy is visiting people, handing out "For Your Joy" booklets by John Piper, as well as "Two Ways to Live" by Mathias Media. Both items are in the Spanish language and this was made possible through your generous giving!
Updates from Mexico
  • Please be in prayer for areas in the South-Western section of Mexico. Some villages have been 70%+ destroyed by flooding and mudslides (or both). Please pray concerning the possibility of a team going to assist missionaries that have been displaced and their communities ravaged by the destruction.
  • Cameron Stoner is leaving July 14 for Merida, Mexico for Sports evangelism outreach. His funding is at approximately 60%. Please pray for a boldness for him as he serves in this area as well as prepares for college in just a couple of months.
  • Pastor Moreno of South Texas will be using Children Desiring God (Spanish) Vacation Bible School materials (provided to him by Psalm 67) in Puebla, Mexico at the beginning of July. This work is being conducted in the rural parts of Puebla in the mountains and in conjunction with congregations in the area. There will be an opportunity to return to Puebla with a small team in early August 2012.
Close to St. Louis
  • Pray for an evangelism team that will be conducting a Vacation Bible School next week near Cape Giardeau, Missouri.

Opportunities to share with you:

Members of our mission teams would love to share with you and your congregation how you might partner together for future missions opportunities. We also partner with experienced Pastors available for speaking and training. If we can serve you in this way, please contact us today at

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Psalm 67 Updates

You will notice that our blog is currently under construction. Lately, our volunteers and team members have been working to improve our communication with you, our supporters. We want to thank you for your patience during this process. We thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. Below is a brief update concerning various items.

Receive e-mail updates
You can receive e-mail updates with missionary information and reports from the field. To subscribe to this e-mail list, please contact us at
Summer Missionary Updates
Billy Jackson has had a long-time desire to be used of Christ in service to His church. Billy has traveled to various locations in the United States, Mexico, and Indonesia. He is currently serving as a summer missions intern for Psalm 67 Missions Network, stationed near the US/Mexico border. Currently Billy is serving a congregation without a Pastor and is primarily working with neighborhood outreach. You can follow his journey at The Servant Photographer.

Upcoming Opportunities
Currently Psalm 67 is preparing to conduct a mission assignment in Southern Illinois (June 2012), and a short-term mission project along the US/Mexico Border (July 2012). The June trip is full and we thank everyone for being willing to serve. We have a couple of more openings for July. Please contact the office at for more information. We will also be posting additional information here as it becomes available.

Can we share with you?
Psalm 67 Missions Network specifically works by partnering with congregations who are committed to Christ and therefore desire to preach His Gospel to every nation, tribe, and tongue. Specifically Psalm 67 provides support to congregations through short-term mission work, pastor/leader training and conferences, supplying Biblical materials in the language of the people, and other networking opportunities. 

We are currently involved in work along the violent US/Mexico border, near St. Louis, Missouri, and various other locations. It would be our honor to have a team member come and share with your congregation about how you can become involved. Please contact us at

Updates and more information are coming soon
Thank you for checking our blog. Additional articles and updates will be posted soon!

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