Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Break Mission Update

Thank you for following the information update for this Christmas Break! Our mission team had their meeting last night and we would like to share some items with you!

Please pray for the upcoming team:

- For success in sharing the Gospel!
- For medical supplies for the medical clinic
- For financial support for a few members
- We need an additional team member (more below)

If you, or someone you know believe that The Lord would have you serve in an international mission opportunity this Christmas break. Please let us know right away! You will need a valid passport. This person would be a vital addition to our team! We are looking for at least one person to help share the load of responsibility that we have as we work with a congregation in the Northeastern region of Mexico. You can contact us at

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Upcoming Mission Board Meeting and 2014

Next week our Board of Directors will meet together for our final 2013 meeting. We look back over the past year and it is with great joy that we can see how The Lord has blessed us over the months. I would like to express thanks to our two board members, Kurt Boehm and John Weber. Their oversight, counsel, and work have helped guide Psalm 67 Missions Network through many challenges and have set a great course for 2014. I would like to also thank Savannah Weber for her help as "Missions Office Leader" helping us through the past year in giving direction to so many area and most specifically in the areas of helping organize two mission trips (Summer and Christmas Break 2013). Ellie Jackson has also been a great help in organize the blog, social media, and other areas of communication. Thank you to everyone who has taken part. There are so many others to thank for their years of service. Together we would also like to thank each and everyone one of you for your faithful support, prayers, and your encouragement! 

Please pray for us as we meet together next week and discuss the plans for 2014. You will find on the blog the dates for two planned mission trips (Summer and Christmas Break). Would you join us in praying over requests to requests that have been made in addition to this? We have been asked about conducting a Pastor/Leader training in Mexico and there are three small congregations that would like to partner. The need is always the same. We simply have more requests than we have resources (both laborers and financial support). We are not discouraged by this but we should be MOTIVATED to pray. The Lord who called us to this task owns everything and is The Lord of the Harvest. Would you pray for us that The Lord would raise up laborers to go and the funds for them to go? 

 Finally, speaking of this, we would like to call attention to the Pfleegor Family currently in their final preparations for the Lord's calling for them to go to South America to proclaim the gospel. Would you consider helping finish this up with making a contribution to this effort either a one-time gift or partnering with them? Their home congregation, Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, Missouri is ramping up this effort by making their family the recipients of the Christmas offering. The Pfleegors would love to talk to you about this more. Please contact us today about how you can make a contribution toward this effort. You can contact Michael Pfleegor at 


Monday, December 2, 2013

Can you help hold the rope in December?

Over Christmas Break our mission team will work with a congregation along the border in sharing the Gospel in a Juvenile Correctional Facility, a soup kitchen for street children, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center as well as conducting daily Bible classes at the church facility. Our nurse will be conducting a medical clinic and there will be other community outreach plans. With all of this we would like to ask you if you are willing/able to "hold the rope" for those who are going.

Specifically we have a current need of:
- Additional 1-3 workers to go
- Financial help for those who would like to go
- Assistance for building materials - (approximately $300.00 USD)

If you are able to assist in any way would you please contact us at

Thank you for praying and for partnering with us!

Psalm 67 Missions Network

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Mission Team Update

Our mission team for "Christmas Break" will be making their final weeks of planning. Would you please remember to pray for this team made up of members of four different congregations? Please consider following us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or subscribing to this blog that we might keep you informed on information during the trip.

There are some ways that you can be of help during the last minute preparations. Pray that the last part of the financial support comes in. There are some needs for some medical supplies, Bibles, etc.

On ongoing need for the office and also for this trip would be the purchase of a tablet. We have a specific one in mind as we are looking for one that would be compatible in the contexts in which we work. This tablet would be very useful during this upcoming trip and future trips because it is used for many things including, tracking and inventory of resources, team updates, video-communication for team meetings and long-distance contacts, records that are kept on mission trips to report to the missions board, and a whole lot more.

If The Lord would have you help with any of these needs at the end of the year, would you please let us know right away by contacting us at

We hope that you and your family have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Psalm 67 Missions Network

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