Friday, January 2, 2015

Mexico Trip Christmas Break 2014-2015, Ismael

    Hi, my name is Ismael. I am the son of the Pastor that Psalm 67 has been working with during this mission trip. It has been a pleasure to receive this wonderful missionary group at our church during the last two years. I have had great times with these people and I am happy that they all come here to share the good news about Christ to the lost. 
    We have been visiting some rehabilitation centers and a orphanage that is called Salvation Army. In these places we have been sharing some testimonies, songs, and giving donated hygiene items and food. Something that really catched my attention at the rehabilitation centers is that in each one of them, there is always different people trying to change their lives. I am glad that they are there to change and to leave their old life, that they are looking for the answer in Jesus Christ.
    We all appreciate that they come here to spend time with the people of Mexico, leaving their families and the people that they love. 
    This is the first time that I met brother Mike and his son Parker. They are giving me a very good example of how to show love through Christ. I am happy to see Parker working with his dad at his early age. 
    In the morning we are having a prayer time before breakfast. I think that this is very important to start the day because in this way we put everything in God's hands and we let him to work in our lives throughout the day. Afterwards we have a devotional while we take breakfast. Brother Aaron has been teaching us about Luke 10:25-37. In this passage is found the parable of the good Samaritan. We have learned that evangelism takes time and that Jesus used a very particular way to bring people to him. We all are commanded to make disciples but God is the only one that works in the heart of a person. Sometimes it is not neccesary to talk to a bunch of people out in the world, but to reach the people that is around us. As our Lord Jesus did, we have to know the life of the people that is around us and spend time with them to bring them to the feet of Christ. 
     The last day of the year we had a service here at the church. The brothers and sisters from the church came to have a great time and to fellowship togeher. 
     During this year I have had a lot of struggles in my life, specially at school. Sometimes I feel that I am not giving my full time to God, and spending too much time in things that do not really matter. I want God to keep working in my life and give me the strength to serve him completely. I know that we are not perfect but through Christ we can do all things.
     I like to work with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I really appreciate the integrants of Psalm 67 that came this time; brothers Aaron, Russo, Mike, Parker, and sisters Barbara, Ellie, Gennie, and Savannah. 
    I had a lot of fun during the week, I ask God that they may have a safe trip back to Missouri and that they may share what they all experience here. 
    God surely blesses Psalm 67.

January 2, 2015


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