Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mexico Trip Christmas Break 2014--2015, New Years Eve

Our time has been mainly consumed with visiting our brothers and sisters in Christ who are at the rehabilitation centers that the church is connected with. There is so much joy in being with them. 
Brother Michael reminded us at one center about a story that Jesus told. There were two men, one with a small debt, and one with an enormous debt. But they are both forgiven. Which of the two men will be more grateful? The man who was forgiven the larger debt. So these men are full of humble thanksgiving and praise. 
Besides visiting the rehab centers, we have twice visited the same park where many people gather to play soccer, and many children gather to play. Several of the young children recognized us and we recognized them from our trip here in May. It has been a delight to play with them once more. 
Aaron was also reconnected with a friend from a small town that Psalm 67 last visited in 2010. It is amazing to see God's hand at work!
Please pray for the church we are partnering with. They are small and have grown little in the three years we have visited, yet they are passionate and persistent, unwavering and zealous. There are many broken families and health problems that they are facing. Please pray that they may be strengthened and encouraged and that we will be an utmost blessing to them. 
 Also pray for us as we battle fatigue. Especially pray for our Sister Barbara. She is 68 and yet comes often and walks unpaved streets without complaint. She serves first, rests later, and has a heart overflowing with love. She is our prayer warrior! Please pray as the recent activities and also the food have made her feel considerably ill. 
Today we will be visiting more rehab centers. Then for New Years Eve we will be going to a popular square that hosts many activities and we will be giving the gospel as we are able. Please pray that God may give us the words to speak at the right time.

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