Monday, December 29, 2014

Mexico Trip Christmas Break 2014--2015, Day 3

   Our schedule so far has been to pray together (the team and the church or whoever is awake) at 7:00am and then eat breakfast at 7:30am. 
   This morning we loaded donations including clothes, toys, and crafts into the big white van and set off for the Salvation Army children's home. We sang songs with the kids, and then Michael told the story of Joseph. 
   After we visited there and played soccer and ultimate chair, we left for a rehab center. 
   When we first visited this particular rehab center in May of this year, the atmosphere was very dark, and control was rigid and extremely strict. Residents stay for nine months and during the first three months they are not allowed to talk to anyone. For food, they take leftover food from food carts and put it together and that is what they eat every day. 
   Today after our visit an employee thanked Aaron and the pastor of the church. He told them that the residents have mental health groups every day and it doesn't help. What helps is the church coming with the Bible. 
   Tonight our team will be heading to a large park to play soccer and share the gospel. 
   The weather is very cold! So we don't know just what kind of turn out we will have. 
   Please pray for us as we battle fatigue and and the weather to proclaim the gospel.

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